Portland: Bridge City!

Driving South from Bonnie Lake I headed to Portland. A lot like Seattle the second time I was fairly familiar with the city.

I was able to stay with my good friends Jonathan and Ty and their kid big Paris. The boys rolled out the red carpet for me which made it easy to drive into the city center and make some more art. I knew where to go and what to paint: Voodoo Doughnuts, A Local Brewery, Powells Books. But what I didn’t know is that I would stumble into the Pearl District Artwalk. To my surprise there were several empty stalls and after telling my story and simply asking to “fill in” for a no-show artist, I was gifted a space! Then this happened!




The couple that grabbed the Deschutes Brewery piece had been there earlier that day and actually watched me make the piece. Now a few hours later they walked by saw me at the art walk and wanted to take home my piece as part of their vacation. Of course i ran into Aubrey whom I met in Bellingham Washington weeks earlier! She had been visiting friends and really wanted the Powell Books painting then. Now I was stoked I made Powell Books #2 and that she took it home!

I got a chance to visit and stay with my friend Monica (a culinary artist) who owns HIP COOKS. I made some new friends, patrons, and punched my ticket South Bound to San Francisco! Love you Portland!



Portland: Bridge City!