In June I embark on the Epic Art Quest: 40 paintings in 90 Days from Mexico to Canada along the West Coast of the US. My journey will based on two parts. 1. Finding talented local artist in each town I visit. I will be conducting interviews and posting images of the artist’ work and social media channels, helping them share their work with the world. 2. I’ll be making a painting in every town/city/ or village I visit. While I’ve saved and have been looking forward to this trip for sometime I will need your support. Art lovers can support by purchasing an “Iron Lion” print or T-shirt, and or a “3rd Eye Elephant” print. All contributions will be used for food, fuel, and art supplies. I’m embarking on this trip with the arrival of my 40th Birthday. I’ve been blessed with overwhelming amount of support from friends, family, and art lovers from around the world. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING MY PASSION AND HELPING ME INSPIRE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME.

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Lion Men’s T-Shirt


Lion Ladie’s T-Shirt


Elephant Print 8″x11″