Avenue of the Giants: Fungus Among Us

Avenue of the Giants w guest star Ryan Curtis.

Before we left the city (SF) we both decided that we needed to see the Forest moon of Endor, errrr Avenue of the Giants. These Giant Redwoods were overhwelmingly HUGE!!! Walking through the trees with my cart proved to be a real challenge. Plein air painters often have to hike up/down/over/under/and through all kind of obstacles to get goods. So sometimes a pretty picture isn’t so simple as parking the car and setting up your easel.

Everything worked out though, and I found what I thought to
be the king of the Forest!

image (4)


Later that night we had a campside Gallery and I listened to Curtis tell me about the one the got away. (He fished for trout all day to no avail.) But thats why they call it fishing and not catching!


Curtis and I had a blast! Not catching fish and hauling a paint cart up and down steep, root bound paths. It was worth it. I felt like I could have stayed there all summer making paintings of Living Legends.

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Avenue of the Giants: Fungus Among Us