Bend, OR: ARTISTS, it’s the vibe man…

I took my local friend Tony’s advice and parked my car downtown, got on my bike and cruised around Bend in search of local talent.

I met this dude on the sidewalk slanging kind wire wraps. I bought a ring to support his work. On this trip I’ve aquired/bartered/ or have been gifted multiple pieces of jewelry. I rock them with pride!

After kicking it with Jordan I rolled to the Old Mill District and lucked into a quaint yet potent Art Gallery Collective. I was greeted by one of the Artists: Janice Druian who gave me the hot tip, that if I paint in plein air I HAVE to paint at Smith Rock State Park. ( which I owe her one! that place is dope)

After experiencing Janice’s collection of work, I peddled on over to the Old IronWorks District. Finally I found the droids I was looking for! A real authentic art colony. Printmakers, bakers, jewelry makers, ceramists, painters, and sculpters.

They were kind enough to invite me to their life drawing workshop later that evening. But before that I was stoked to kick it with Stuart, who makes jewelry and is a heck of a craftsman. His shop was the real Don Steele. “Stuart’s of Bend”

That evening I returned to the Old IronWorks District and participated in their 5th Life Drawing Workshop. Having hosted over 5 years of Life Drawing Workshops at Location 1980 I jumped at the chance to support another collective’s effort to embrace the age old practice of studying from the live nude, word.

During the life drawing session, I was pleased to meet the acquaintance of Abney. Abney was a printmaker and he had an eye for serious detail. All the artists at the studio were open and down to share their space. When I go back to Bend, I’m going there first.

Bend offered the goods when it came to Local Art! If you ever visit Bend, Summer or Winter there will be plenty of Local Talent to greet you! Thank you for reading the EAQ Blog I look forward to reading your comments! Cheers!



Bend, OR: ARTISTS, it’s the vibe man…