Big Sur Creek: Because Magical Forest

Driving from Morrow Bay to Big Sur is surreal and dangerous.

The Eurovan handled well though and my first stop was Big Sur Gallery and Cafe, just south of Big Sur. The art was fantastic and after asking a few of the gallerists about local artists, I got a shocking answer: there are none! It was hard for me to believe, but the gentleman explained to me that every artists in their gallery was either dead or operated remotely because they had been priced out of the housing market and could longer afford to live there. With that I took up the mantle of “local artist”, even if it was for one magical day.

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I met some new friends who offered to share their campfire with me. We had a great time and when someone mentioned smores, I offered my “Smores Kit”, that my mom got me for the road trip. The kit contained everything you need to make smores and with a bonus of campfire songs and the history of the graham cracker and marsh mellow.

Who knew the Egyptians where digging on Marshmellows.?



Big Sur Creek: Because Magical Forest