Conservatory of Flowers: Collab with Kim

Conservatory of Flowers G.Gate Park

Ole Kim was tearing it up in the park tunnel. Instead of the interview I caught him in the act! He was playing for at least two hours while I was painting. Super cool cat. I told him it was a pleasure to paint with such a killer sound track. #collab


After chatting with Kim I went back to my work and focused on finishing my piece. While working I met a Russian women who ruined me in our haggle battle. She got her price and really made me laugh. So she bought the Dutch Windmill from a few days ago! I was stoked and so was she, even got a micro smile out her. Not so much from the husband.

Up to this point I’ve sold several Tshirts and a few prints but she was the first to grab an original! After that the painting and the rest of the day in the park went really well!



Thanks for following the Epic Art Quest! I’d love to hear your comments and feedback and if you have an interest in any of the originals please drop me an email:  jesse.fortune@gmail.com



Conservatory of Flowers: Collab with Kim