Freemont Troll and Gasworks Park; Revisited

While I wasn’t frolicking (painting) in and around Green Lake I went back to the well; Freemont Troll. I like that troll ALOT.

I’ve painted him at least 5 times and 5 different people wanted to take him home! All the pieces were a bit different as if he changed moods. While at the Troll I met dozens of very nice people both local and some on holiday from diffent parts of the world.


No visit to Seattle would be complete for me without going back to Gas Works one last time! That night there was an Epic Full moon. The view from the Eurovan was as bright as day. Which brings me to a side note:

*While this journey has plowed forward and I’ve been fortunate to stay in several awesome guest bedroom’s, there have been an a lot of nights in the Eurovan. I’ve learned where to park. The location of the nearest Starbucks or McDonalds (or local coffee shop) is critical. Paintings work well as curtains. Though a few nights in the van can have one feeling a bit campy. She’s (Eunice) home sweet home and I’ve found at the end of a long day and no where else to go, comfort in knowing at least I can crash in the Eurovan.


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Freemont Troll and Gasworks Park; Revisited