Montana De Oro: A Kind of painting Nugget

The first painting of the trip was a success in many ways.

First I was finally out of town. Second I was finally able to start painting. Third, the people! I must have passed out over 40 business cards during the coarse of the painting. Normally in a true marketing effort 40 cards isn’t that big of a number.

But whilst painting it can be a pleasurable chore. Each card comes with an albeit brief, conversation. Having a 6ft map on the ground next to me helps clear things up. For the most part people were wildly receptive to the Epic Art Quest.

I was told that I should meet Charlie an Artist based in Morrow Bay. His Studio is Forever Stoked. This morning on the way out of the campground (after yoga on the beach) I saw an adopt a highway sign. Adopted by: Forever Stoked studio. To me that’s a sign. Literally! So I’m going to give ole Charlie a ring and see if I can schedule an artist’ interview or maybe i’ll just pop by. Thanks for following me on this adventure, if you would like to support click here.

On the way out of town I tried to stop into see Charlie at Forever Stoked but they weren’t open yet. But I peeked inside and was impressed by the work hanging in the showroom.



Montana De Oro: A Kind of painting Nugget