Multnomah Falls: Just Wow

Multnomah Falls is the biggest in a series of stunning waterfalls a few short minutes outside of Portland. I took a tip from a friend in Bend. She told me if I were headed to Portland I should just drive straight to the falls. She was right on the plein air money.

Upon arrival Siri promptly drove us to the wrong waterfall, So I had the pleasure of visiting every waterfall before i Finally arrived at the big show. It was well worth the frustration of parking a solid 1/4 mile from the parking lot. (I love my art cart!)

As usual my best critique came from an adorable 5 year old little girl. She told me “that my painting was very pretty and I was a good artist” (When I get a show, there will be a continued segment of children’s critique’s.)

image (7)

If you visit Portland plan a halfday to experience the falls! I enjoy and look forward to your comments and feedback. Please like, comment or share this post and If you are intersted in acquiring “Multnoma Falls” please shoot me an email: jesse.fortune@gmail.com Thanks for supporting the Epic Art Quest.



Multnomah Falls: Just Wow