Portland Oregon, “Upper Metal Class”

While in Portland I was able to visit my friend T’s design studio. T design’s some very unique jewelry. Her line and business is called: UPPER METAL CLASS.

She a formidable talent and I was very impressed with both her art and her business acumen. T was also nice enough to suggest I go paint the St. John’s Bridge from Cathedral Park, which turned into a real winner! She also donated a big box of small wooden canvases. That was an important donation. The small canvases have helped re-shape the pieces I’ve made; smaller is better, an increase in both production and sales! More paintings more happy new patrons. Thank you T!


On this adventure I’ve ran into some technical difficulties. T’s interview for whatever reason won’t upload. So I can’t share it with but I can tell you this: If you like micro, dainty, beautiful, jewelry you should click on her site and do some shopping:



Portland Oregon, “Upper Metal Class”