Seattle: Uncharted Territory

Seattle started off with a bang. I’m officially in uncharted territory. Not that I was familiar with anywhere north of Humbolt County, but having friends in Bend and Portland HELPED, alot.

My studio mate back at Location 1980, Ethan, is from Seattle so he prepped me with a good list of places to visit/paint. With no friendlies on the ground, I did what a true Vagabond does upon arrival. Book a bed at the most happening hostel. Green Tortoise is the best hostel in Seattle and I was lucky to stay there a few nights. Located mere steps from Pike’s Place Market, the GT is a great place to post up and get to know the city.


I wanted to make and sell a painting upon arrival. This is a tall task but I thought it important to start hot and hopefully stay in the “on fire” column. So following my breezy check in at the hostel and parking the Eurovan in an absurdly expensive parking garage, I was ready to paint. Started off with a sprint through Pike’s Place market and settling with making a day-time painting of the iconic sign. Took some time with the lettering and added a lil neon pink and boom she was complete and up for grabs.


Painting complete (easy part), just left Selling the painting (hard part) It just so happen directly across the street from the Green Tortoise there is a Starbucks. So I went to the well; medium drip, patio, painting on the chair next to me. Bang! Meet my new friend Kristen who not only bought the piece, but hired me a few days later to make a custom commission piece! What a way to start my brief stay in Seattle. Thank you Kristen!


That was a great first day/night in Seattle. I’m still here as i’m posting this but look to head out soon. This is a Land mark post as I’m managing to blog about a city i’m still in. Dangerously close to being in real time. Probably not going to happen, but sleeping in the van on a random street tends to light a fire under me. No more cushy guest room, or 8 bed hostel dorm (with free breakfast), no more kick you in the nutts parking garage fees. Nope just me the Van and boatload of art to sell. Wish me luck.

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Seattle: Uncharted Territory