3 Fish Studios: Walk in and be wowed!

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin before, a few summers ago. They own 3 Fish Studios in Outer Sunset.

 They are both artists, and their Printmaking shop is filled with a dazzingly array of cards, prints, magnets, colors, pictures, postcards, and much more. In addition to displaying their outstanding work that has everything to do with the City of San Francisco and the State of California, they also have a full service print shop. They teach classes on printmaking and Eric is quick to make a demo piece to the seemingly endless stream of patrons.

Upon arrival Eric was kind enough to offer their backyard as gallery for me. Their backyard is a community gathering place where from time to time 3 fish will host backyard concerts. Today we turned it into the Fortune Epic Art Quest Gallery.



At 3 Fish Studios patrons are insta friends and are treated to a beer, coffee, tea, or water. I noticed after spending the day there, that most people tend to hang out and converse far longer than an average gallery “pop-in” and look around. I met about a dozen locals and though I didn’t sell a piece I did buy into the culture at 3 Fish Studios and the Outer Sunset neighboorhood vibe. Good Times.

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3 Fish Studios: Walk in and be wowed!