Epic Art Quest Blog

This summer I went on an artistic voyage from Orange County all the way up the west coast to Vancouver! My intention was to survive and keep going by selling the art as I created it. I made 71 paintings in 90 days. I sold/bartered/or gifted 68 of them!

With a lot of help from new patrons and old friends, I completed the challenge of my life. I'm a better person and a more accomplished artist. This Blog tells the story. I learned that the Epic Art Quest isn't a specific time frame or trip but a state of mind. I'm forever on the Epic Art Quest!

3 Fish Studios: Walk in and be wowed!

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin before, a few summers ago. They own 3 Fish Studios in Outer Sunset.  They are both artists, and their Printmaking shop is filled with…