6th St. Bridge Demise

6th St. Bridge Demise

I’ve recently been working on my new series “Urban Fortunism”.  Works depicting the energy of the emerging scene in DTLA.  This weeks Epic Art Quest Webisode describes the process of urban plein-air painting. Enjoy and as always I look forward to your questions, critiques, and comments!

This time out I was joined by my plein-air partner in crime G.Winnie. Geoff and I have painted in dozens of locations over the past 2 years. This was by far one of the more “extreme” plein air locations. Don’t step back! We had some good times on the bridge though. Passers by did all of the following but not limited to: Whistles, honks, idle threats, heckles, stopping traffic on the bridge to take pictures, and of coarse, selfies.

Thanks for reading the Epic Art Quest Blog. I always look forward to your comments, questions and critiques!





6th St. Bridge Demise


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