Austria Part II: Vienna


My stay in Vienna was short and sweet.  I was really using it as a stop over to Prague. I’ve found about 4-5 hours on a bus is kind of my limit.

Vienna is a big city , with BIG monuments, and even BIGGER buildings.  I had a short stop (2 days) but blazing through I kind of got a good feeling for the vibe or lack there of. Its seemed kind of ready made for tourists, tours, pictures, selfies, horse and buggy rides, and Super Giant , repetitive buildings.

Mom told me to focus on the positive so I did just that.  Left the easel at home one morning and took Beth’s advice: Go to Leopold Museum and see the Egon Schiele Exhibit.  I was so stoked,  both Klimt and his protege Schiele had accompanying exhibitions!   I must have stayed in each exhibit for over an hour. I made a few sketches of Egon’s work! So expressive!  After I had my fill of inspiration, I bounced out of the museum ready to do work!

I found the perfect subject matter for Vienna. A huge cathedral, that was under construction.  The scaffolding had an awning with a 4 story advertisement of a milk bottle and a jar of yogurt.  So I painted it as is.  I found it suited Vienna; Beautiful, historic, and now very commercial.

I wish I had more time, Vienna is a city of music. It would have been nice see the Orchestra or maybe even an Opera. I’ll have to boost the budget for the next EAQ!

I was content with my painting.  I was finishing it at the hostel when I met Josh from San Francisco.  He was headed out but not before grabbing the small Munich piece! He was stoked and said he’d look me up back in the states.

I ran into Sandy from Canada, who had been part of the Hallstatt crew in Salzburg. After dinner we took a few trams to get to the Wein River. We met up with another homie from Salzburg who happened to be staying in Vienna.   He showed us the canal in the evening was lined with people just sitting on the concrete: smoking, drinking, chatting and laughing.  We joined the thousands along the canal.  We sat for hours laughing about all the adventures, our culture differences and where we were going to be traveling next. A very pleasant evening indeed.

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Austria Part II: Vienna


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