Canyon Park: Creek Deep!

Plein Air Painting in Canyon Park! My favorite Spot in Costa Mesa!

From the studio (Location1980), Canyon Park, is just a 2 minute drive!   My plein air compadre, Geoff Winne, and I frequent the park throughout the year.  We have a fun challenge trying to capture the terrain and park features as the seasons unfold. Canyon Park is a hidden gem in West-side Costa Mesa, to find out more check out this article by the Mesa Maven on her blog: iHeartCostaMesa.com


Today I chose a spot in the creek.  I would have been knee deep had there been any water.  I’ve painted in a similar location before looking the same direction, but the time of year or time of day is always changing!  Check out the images and let me know what you think.-JF



Canyon Park: Creek Deep!


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