Damn Near Ned!

A Much Needed Change in Elevation!

I’ve had the pleasure of frequently visiting CO, for the last 16 years.  A good friend and fellow artist lives in Boulder County. His incredible view and house stands perched high on “Hurricane Hill” over looking the once sleepy mountain town, “Nederland”.  With a construction and population boom happening in nearby Boulder, Nederland has gone through some changes. More people, more tourists, more outdoor enthusiasts are all cruising through “Ned”.  This influx in tourist dollars and people moving up the hill are changing the exclusive “small town” feel of Ned.

I REALLY NEEDED a vacation.  So this trip was designed to relax and soak up the inspiration.  I actually didn’t even plan on making any work.   But after a few days I felt the need to bust out at least one decent piece of work.

Here is a quick vid of not just my painting process, but a little snippet of the whole trip. There were a TON of places to paint but I had limited time and didn’t bring my moblie studio.  I was fortunate that my friend styled me out with 3 essentials: Some paint, a canvas (large 36″x40″) and a knife (different from the normal wedge shaped knife I use most often) A subtle change in materials presented a fresh challenge and made this particular plein-air piece unique and very fun to make!

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Cheers- JF



Damn Near Ned!


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