Epic Art Quest 2018: Europe!

Hey Everyone, Jesse “on the road again” Fortune here checking in from the road.

After a few days of traveling i’m settled at Keystone-House Hostel in London.  Today’s my birthday and I’m ready to start the quest!  On this trip i’ll try to make at least one painting at every destination.  In addition i’m bound to meet and greet other artists and will try to get some artists’ interviews along the way.

On the last Epic Art Quest (West Coast) I had my van/ studio on wheels. This time I’m starting out back packing with everything on my back!  Should prove to be a challenge, one that I look forward to!  Look for a new post after every destination!

With the help of my good friend and travel-painting mentor, Jim Trolinger, i’ll be headed to Trafalgar Square where there should be loads of creatives entertaining on the street… Thanks for reading the EAQ blog.  Please leave a comment below! I look forward to your input!




Epic Art Quest 2018: Europe!


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