Flitwick -Bedfordshire England

The Moor is a marsh-like, “River” (more like a creek) side park; with miles of footpaths, flower covered fields, surrounded by trees that barely let the sunshine squeeze between their branches.

Jim and I walked, scouting out a spot to paint.  He’s painted dozens and dozens of pieces all throughout the Moor.  So Jim knew where to go… “Jim’s Tree” ended up being the spot.  It’s called Jim’s tree, (mostly by Jim) because it was the first place he painted in the Moor and 20 years later, Jim’s Tree has been a re-occuring subject matter.   I should have taken a stab at it, alas I chose a different tree.  (Now referred to by Locals as Jesse’s tree)

The sun was shining, but it was DAMN cold and WINDY.  Proper spring time English pleinair weather!  I took my lumps and we made some art. I’m on the board and we will be painting everyday i’m in England.

*I’ve started a brand new YouTube channel dedicated to the Epic Art Quest:  making plein air paintings, interviewing other artists along the way and documenting the experience to share with art lovers everywhere!

I’ll admit trying to paint AND setting up the shot(s) is very challenging! Putting down my palate knife and picking up the mic is an interesting segway, I’m sure as this adventure unfolds the process will be a bit more smooth!  Drop a comment and let me know how I’m doing!  Likes and shares are greatly appreciated!   To see more Fortunism on the road Hit the Subscribe button and click the alert Bell to be notified when a new episode of the Epic Art Quest goes up. Thanks for the support. -JF



Flitwick -Bedfordshire England


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