From the Gutter to the Gallery

Did you have a chance to check out the Secret Garden piece?


That was such a cool experience to create.

I remember when Chris and Amy called me and told me about what they were looking for.I took a couple hours and really just pondered.I had no idea it would turn out as cool as it did.All I knew is I felt inspired and I was ready to give them something they could really dig on.

Every time I recieve a commission, i get amped!

I really can’t believe that I’m here.I have dozens of pieces available and I’ve sold over a few hundred pieces.
I’m so grateful to be here now.  Especially because just a few years ago, I was living out of a truck.
Basically homeless….but I had a dream…and here I am…

Not only have I turned my passion into my career, but I’ve helped build an art studio that cultivates creativity.We have dozens of artists that have an opportunity to work, create, and share their passion.I’m able to give back.  My experience has been very humbling  .I shot a quick video about this journey… and my gratitude…Maybe you’ll dig it, maybe you won’t….But at least you’ll know me better…

Check it out…


Jesse Fortune



From the Gutter to the Gallery


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