How to turn 43 in London

I woke @ 5:00am Before the alarm….Dorm Snorer

Kinda f*ck that guy. I mean him and his chick came in at 2:00 am, had a whisper fight about… who gives a bleep… and then 3 hours later he snores so loud multiple people including myself were throwing shoes at him. I know, I know, if you stay in a hostel dorm you should expect a bit of close quarters body noises from dorm mates.  However if you snore loud enough to wake the dead, you are kind of lame. Seriously it should be on the check in form.  It’s not like he doesnt know.  He gets to sleep soundly and the other 15 people including his girlfriend have to suffer through that’s just wrong.

During that rude awakening, I reminded myself, “Dude, it’s your birthday! (but still,  that guy sucks)” It was on, I was dressed, prepped and on the streets 15mins later.   Thanks to JT I knew exactly where to go and how to get there…King’sCross//Tube//Covent Garden. No sweat.  The only problem was it was not even 7am and the Art Store didn’t open until 10.  3+ hours to kill. Usually i’d paint, but given the fact I didn’t have any art supplies except brushes i was kind of screwed.  But McDonalds, coffee, and a convienently placed statue/fountain/ park of William Shakespeare reminded  me that my sculptor friend Sil had given me a small note pad suitable for sketching. So that lasted all of 20 minutes and then I strolled along the Thames.  Scouting, exploring, walking, for hours.

English Breakfast (check) Art Supplies (check) Brilliant Sun-shiny day (check!)  Trafalgar Square was fenced off for West End LIVE  Theater Performance, so I skipped the crowd and posted up with a sneaky view of the London Eye.  I painted for hours, handed out cards, listened to hundreds of very brief snipets of passing tourists’ conversations…funny thing even though there were dozens of languages being spoke, I’d be willing to bet everyone was saying something similar; “let’s take a selfie here, 1 2 3 say cheese etc” It seemed everyone was in a great mood! Must have been the sun, and that London is Awesome.

Maybe because it was my birthday, I kept expecting someone I knew to walk by… “Fortune, is that you!!!…” then I realized “Fool, the world is f*cking big place, get over yourself (for a few minutes) the only thing these people know about you is the work on the easel” So I focused, no beers, no chron, just the sun, the park, the friendly locals and a million tourists.  Experience the vibe, put it on the canvas and be humble, be stoked you “get” to do this for a living. That I am,….stoked.

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How to turn 43 in London


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