Monument Valley “Magnificent 6”

The Magnificent 6 “Mount Up”

Today we rolled into valley floor.  The “road” is a 17-mile loop that winds its way around one of the “Buttes”.  Most vehicles could pass, even though it did rain quite a bit the night before.  I took my turn at the wheel.  We are riding 6 people deep in a twelve passenger van, plus lugging all of our art gear.  At times the people in the back got to test out the shocks.

The plan was recon the valley and see where the best painting sites were hidden.  We all agreed that the view from “Thunderbird” and “Totem Poles” were the top prospects.  We plan to head directly to “Totem Poles” and throw down some serious work.

The group loosely dubbed the “Magnificent 6” has produced 9 pieces of work in a day and half!  Needless to type this place is pretty f-n inspiring.  We got clouds, rain, lightning, blue skies, and sunshine! The weather has been epic! It supposed to be clear for the rest of the week so we feel fortunate that we had a chance to capture some big, fluffy, fast moving majestic clouds.

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Monument Valley “Magnificent 6”


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