Monument Valley “Party at the Moon Tower”

“A Murder of Crows Led the Way…”

We had visitors this morning.  Crows, a Murder of Crows floating on today’s challenge.The  Wind.  The spirits thought maybe, “hey, it’s their last day, lets test them.  And test us they did.  The day was crisp, colder than the rest. Of coars the best spot we found to paint was right into the teeth of it.

As a group, it’s not our first rodeo though.  Nakamura, wisely, stayed inside for most of the day, or ventured no further than our front porch.  Trolinger and Zeke hugged the cabin.  Winnie and I followed the floating Murder.  In to the wind the view of the valley floor, and 3 major Buttes was spectacular!


Tomorrow we head out. After critique we’ve voted to head out early so we can have a picinic lunch at the grand canyon.  Some of us may sketch or just take pics/videos.  Zeke has never been, so we want to give him a glimse of a natural wonder.  We probably won’t have time to make a proper painting, but time will tell.

Monument Valley, and the Navajo Nation welcomed us in, and then Blew our Creative Doors Off…!!! We are all better artists than we were four days ago.  Mother Nature is the best teacher.

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Monument Valley “Party at the Moon Tower”


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