Munich: 2 days and I’m out.

Munich: It’s Aite…

Munich was cool. Bunch of walking, few hours painting each day.  One of the staff at Wombats suggested I go to paint at Luitpold Park. He was spot on.  Quick tube ride // steep ascent up the hill // and boom my outdoor studio / show room was open. This was really a sweet spot for me it had all the essentials: A great view, a small wall to display previous paintings, a nice tree for shade, and a constant stream of visitors! Including of all things an urban landscape painting class! After a brief lecture one of the students advised that I get to Salzburg fast! She said “If you like painting landscapes, you’ll be blown away by Salzburg’s beauty!”

After several conversations with potential collectors I started to pack up.  Thats when I met Martina, a nice lady who had been watching me paint while eating her lunch.  We struck up a conversation: she was a musician and she like the fact I was a traveling artist.  So much so she invited me to stay on her Mom’s farm in Schweinfurt.  A free room at her mom’s place, surrounded by forests, and vineyards, sounded kind of nice! Who knows maybe i’ll take her up on that!  She was so kind to extend the offer, not sure if her mom knows an American Artist might show up on her doorstep! After gifting me some tasty chocolate and leaving me with her contact info Martina took off and I packed up.  I wish Schweinfurt were on the way to Salzburg, I’d be tempted to stop in and say hi!

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Munich: 2 days and I’m out.


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