The Process of Passion

An Inside Look at the Process of Passion

Every once in a while, I level up.  I make a piece that exceeds my own expectations.  It doesn’t happen everytime. But when it does, it feels like hitting a grand slam in the world series.  I have to stand back and take inventory on what just happened.  How did I do it? What technique(s) did I use and inspiration did it take?  Was it a live performance,  a plein-air piece,  or a commission that drew it out of me?  At different points in my career “Leveling UP” has been a result of any and every combination of the afore mentioned.

What made this piece and the process special was the commission came from another artist. He gave me the “Green Light to GO BIG”.  I felt a spike, I felt challenged, and I wanted to swing for the fences.  For the first time I captured the entire process myself: I consulted with my client, imagined his vision, and set out on bringing it to life.  I shot the whole process using my phone: building the 5 panels to spec, executing and installing the piece, capturing the “Big Reveal”, and editing the final cut.

On previous projects I’ve had help with video and recieved expert coaching from Dave Rhea and the team at Harmonic Planet.  I’ve also been blessed with guidance and Hi-Level knowledge of video production and editing from Marcus Sotelo and the pro squad at Dark Brothers Creative.  Props to my good friend Brett Douglas for showing how to build custom panels that you can drive a truck over.  This time though, I was flying solo and I embraced the challenge.

At Location 1980 all the artists have an in-house advantage of dozens of critiques during the process of execution.  I like to wrap my brain around the work-in-progress critique(s).  This time i had a few key suggestions, tips, and recieved a great deal of feedback. In the end, it is on me to connect and come through.  Pure Passion.  This video captures the process from beginning to end.

I appreciate your support, likes and shares! I look forward to reading your comments!  Thanks for reading the Epic Art Quest blog.



The Process of Passion


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