Zurich: Part 1


12 hour bus ride from Amsterdam to Zurich. oooof! But considering the cost($40 Swiss Francs) , wifi and super comfy seats (as far as buses go) wasn’t really that bad.  I highly recommend the FlexiBus App. I have a good feeling I’ll be taking a few more buses in the very near future. But if I can get an Easy Jet flight for a similar fare I’d consider flying. **Lugging around this portable studio, a growing body of art and whatever acrylics I may have at the time has me warming up to the bus as the “go to” means of transport.

Lidia is my gracious host and ultra informative guide to everything Zurich/ Switzerland.

In a few short days she has educated me on but limited to the following:

  1. Language / Culture
  2. Navigating the City via Tram/ Bus/ Train
  3. Where to find multiple food markets/ currency exchange/ laundry/ recycling hub/ post office / sports bars for World Cup because soccer errr futbol…
  4. The Best spots for Landscape painting mixed with foot traffic for sales; either local or tourists.
  5. Local Coffee shops with free wifi and beers for sweet blogging spots. (non starbucks)
  6. Multiple Lakes and Rivers for not just painting but also swimming/ sunbathing.
  7. A local trail through the conveniently located hilltop forest, that just so happens to be bordered by local farms and gardens.
  8. Where to buy art supplies and a thriving uber cool art colony made from stacked/ modified shipping containers.

Needless to say I’m very grateful and owe a few favors!


[When I paint on Epic Art Quests, especially those abroad, I have to pair things down a bit.  Paintings have to be considerably smaller, faster, and I employ a great deal of brushwork (usually reserved for my Pet Portraits) That being said I don’t mind so much because brushes can be useful for lettering and signage, sneaky details that come into play in urban settings.  Even if I make an entire piece with my knife (Weapon of choice) a few crisp letters, tiny windows, peoples heads, etc. at the end of the piece can make the piece really pop! Oh and no squeeze bottles (at least not yet)! normally a fixture in my application process. ]

So naturally

  1. “3 trees by the Lake” was pure palate knife / straight Fortunism (sans squees bottles).  Having accumulated  5 paintings now, this piece JUMPS out as “different”.  Same color palate but serious feeling / heart/ soul…
  2. “Jump in the River” after helping Lidia (a very talented artist herself) set up for her “Up Cycling” workshop at cool coffee bar, I walked to the River,  that just so happens to be PUMPING mountain fresh water directly through the heart of the city.  The scene reminded me of the Huzzah! except with skyscrapers in the background and trains humming across any number of cool bridges within eyeshot. After crossing one of said bridges and watching too many people frolicking, I decided it was time for me to jump in.  Free Locker/ converted travel pants into shorts / Diving board / boom i’m in!  COLD yet refreshing, my Aunt Sharon would call it the healing Miracle waters of the Huzzah, in this case it was directly from the Swiss Alps! I get out dry off and I paint the river, bridge and meet a few local graph artists! “HARE” and “DHENO” that happened to be getting up on an adjacent wall.  Apparently totally legal, broad daylight on a busy public street/wall !  Those guys were great about sharing space and schooling me on the local graph scene.  I tried to interview them but they shied away from the camera. That didn’t stop them from playing 3 hours of 90’s east coast hip hop, which made me feel at home in Zurich.
  3. “Lakeside Stroll” This is the honey hole. In Seattle it was the “Bridge Troll” in Vancouver it was Lions Gate Bridge. In Portland somehow it was Voodoo Doughnuts. Here it looks like the Lake is a hit. I haven’t sold anything there yet but after making this painting the situation is nearly perfect for meeting / greeting and hopefully slanging  a few pieces… Thousands of people walking by, no authority figures to speak of, dozens of other street performing artists: Singers, drummers, clowns, balloon artists, jugglers, etc….  All doing there thing.  In Portland dudes were straight up territorial about posting up and making art..”Hey man, hate to tell you but this is my corner bro…, you are going to have to move” .ish like that. But here everyone has been pretty cool.   There are boats, paddle boarders, swans, flower beds, tourists, locals, an epic clocktower backdrop, local Opera and just a hundred yards away a free public bathroom. (Key when you have to paint for hours.

*** I had a few local admirers , that offered me a beer and exchanged travel stories about Bali (which i’ve never been to) and LA which they’ve never been too! One of them was kind enough to kick down a donation to the EAQ.  A very kind, unexpected, and welcomed gesture…



Zurich: Part 1


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