Zurich: Part II


Paintings have been made, competitors bested and all this with out the use of my legs… (Sorry I have a habit of slipping into pop-culture dialogue((usually in character)): mental tick) Now that I basically had a beginners grasp on the city layout,

I packed my laptop and re-loaded my business cards, today being  more of a check out the  art scene and interview artists kind of day.  No painting, just exploring….

Being the owner of a thriving art colony, Location 1980, gives me a unique perspective on art collectives/ colonies/ co-ops / districts etc.  It’s natural for me to seek out my international brethren see how they are crushing it, when they started, how they interact with their local market place, rules and regulations,  unique building ideas, space management, manifesting micro culture etc…  Today, with Lidia’s expert guidance of course, I found them: (well at least a few hundred of them)

Basislager is a semi-permanent, moving city, constructed entirely of shipping containers or “skips”  connected by scaffolding.  Basislager is occupied by an array of creative professionals: Graphic Designers, Architects, Photographers, Fine Artists, Craftsmen, and a few retail Shops.

I met Daniela Ruetimann at her studio.  She invited us in and showed us her illustrations.  She had a rack of greeting/postcards and invited us to take a few.  To our mutual delight I actually already had a few of her cards! They were in envelopes addressed to friends and family back home.  She was kind enough to chat us up and tell us about the community at Basislager.  Too our astonishment, Daniella told us the entire “compound” moves every ten years or so!  The spaces were really cool  some far fancier than others some messier than others,  and just a few empty containers. (hmmmm…..)

I’ve seen quite a few art studios in Zurich and tons of “street art” It seems Switzerland is busting at the seems with creativity.  With the sheer beauty of the surroundings, I can see why!  I’m contemplating an extended artist’ residency. (if I get accepted.) But IF i did get accepted I know that I wouldn’t hesitate to go! Beautiful city, full of very nice people.



Zurich: Part II


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