Zurich: Part III


Lidia mentioned a street market that we could possibly attend.  After a few emails we secured a “1 meter” spot at Rosenhof Markt.  Rosenhof Markt is a small courtyard squeezed between several classic buildings in the middle of the “Old City” of Zurich.  Several 2 person wide, cobblestone alleys lead to this quaint little square, complete with it’s own fountain. We set up our “booth” which was more like a small table full of Lidia’s art next to my paintings on a blanket and one on an easel.  We met Krishna, from Nepal, and several other local vendors.  All 4 of them.

The place was pretty, breezy, shaded by a tree and had a fat sun patch for contrast. What it didn’t have was customers.  Basically it was Dead, I mean a ghost town.  Apparently the marketing was geared for Saturdays, and neither locals nor tourist had any idea we were there. It didn’t stop Lidia from selling a custom mosaic necklace!

Krishna and I smoked and shared beers and stories, had I sold anything I would have bought some of his beautiful Nepalese necklaces or bracelets. But even without many customers or sales it was really neat to be part of a market in Zurich!

The rest of my time in Zurich, I painted, walked around taking photos and even got a new collector! I really enjoyed my time in Zurich and look forward to going back!



Zurich: Part III


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